Cillian's Page

Cillian (pronounced "killy-ann") is an Irish Setter puppy, born July 3, 2006. His registered name is Captiva Catalina Jet. He came to live with me on Thursday, September 21, 2006. Like my other Irish Setter, Sullivan, Cillian is from Jill Taylor's Captiva Kennel in Ontario.

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cilliansmall sadcilliansmall puppy2small puppysmall
Isn't he cute? Gigantic feet Cillian So sad!
cillian1small cillian2small cillian3small cillian4small
Saddest pup ever Nice perm! Awww Won't fit here for long!
Cillian and Boyd Sully and Cillian    
Cillian and Boyd the cat Ducky, Cillian and Sully