About Us

Meet Our Staff:

Jennifer Lowery

I have been grooming dogs for over a decade. I've been with Dog Days for six years as the senior groomer, and became the owner and head groomer in August 2005. I own two Irish Setters, Sullivan and Cillian, two cats and a horse. I've been an animal lover for my whole life, and I enjoy having the opportunity to work so closely with so many wonderful dogs.

Jeff Power:

Jeff's love of dogs and enthusiasm for learning make him a great addition to the Dog Days team! He's our Groomer's Assistant and helps to ensure that your dog's stay with us is as fun and stress free as possible. Jeff has a 3 year old cross breed, Jersey, who he adopted from The Humane Society.

Sumera Blackwell:

Sumera is our tireless bather/walker. She ensures that your dog leaves smelling and feeling great, not to mention making sure that each and every pet left in our care gets out for a nice stroll. Sumera owns a Shiba Inu named Rodeo